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Budwey's Market

Store Description from budweysmarkets.com
View our circulars and simple recipe ideas at the official website of Budweys Market. Print out Coupons and View Floras Cafe Menu...

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stars 4.00 / 5

Review by Steve

I go to Budweys in Newfane almost every day for a variety of things and it is very convenient, The only complaint i have is that ever since january 2014 the sausage (all kinds!) is so salty that you cant even eat it. I dont know if they use it as a preservative or what but its WAY TOO MUCH! Other than that i love the store , but wont be buying sausage until its taken care of. Thanks !!
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budweysmarkets.com Rating Based on 1 Review
Communicationstars5.00 / 5
Orderingstars4.00 / 5
Selectionstars3.00 / 5
Descriptionsstars4.00 / 5
Pricingstars4.00 / 5
Ship Timestars4.00 / 5
Overall: stars4.00 / 5

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