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Kobe Beef, Wagyu Kobe Beef and Wild Game from Eprimecuts.com

Store Description from ePrimeCuts.com
Kobe Beef, Wagyu Kobe Beef, Prime Beef Steak, Seafood, Chicken and Wild Game at eprimecuts.com...

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stars 2.67 / 5

Review by Luis

I usually buy my beef from Omaha but i decided to give prime cuts a try after one of their salesman came to my front door soliciting. I bought the 300 dollar package deal. Horrible decision. I was better off buying beef cuts from the local supermarket. Oh and that money back guarantee terms are unrealistic if you decide to have a change of mind. Never again Eprimecuts. customers beware
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ePrimeCuts.com Rating Based on 1 Review
Communicationstars4.00 / 5
Orderingstars2.00 / 5
Selectionstars3.00 / 5
Descriptionsstars3.00 / 5
Pricingstars1.00 / 5
Ship Timestars3.00 / 5
Overall: stars2.67 / 5

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