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Haus Brezel - German Shepherd Breeder

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We specialize in German Shepherds bred for fantastic temperament, courage, companionship, best friends, working ability and show. Call today 828-272-0704...

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We offer puppies bred from West German Show lines boasting outstanding temperament, courage, working ability, beauty and rich pigment. With our selective breeding program we have puppies that can be suitable for Show, Search & Rescue, Therapy Dogs, International competition and most of all Loving Fa...

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stars 2.00 / 5

Review by Jack

Paid 2K for a long hair GSD. the dog was suppose to come from Germany with the Sire being a SCH III and SV rated while the Dam being a SCH I with a V rating. My 10 month old puppy has very poor temperament and has been professionally trained just to be a suitable pet. He has been very well socialized with other dogs of all breeds and is still very unstable. He was a cryptorchid, which is hereditery, and has been diagnosed with early signs of hip dysplasia. I e-mailed Toni with my concerns because I thought I was paying for a dog that would not have all the issues I mention here, and I wanted to progress his pedigree for breeding, and her response to me was "you asked for a pet, you got a pet" so in short I paid $2,000 for a mentally unstable GSD that is cryptorchid (cannot breed him) and had ealy signs of hip dysplasia. I would recommend you look at GSD forums and ask questions as apparently I am not alone in my experience with Hass Brezel and selling cryporchid dogs with poor temeperament. I would also recommend a health guarantee. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND HAAS BREZEL TO ANY ONE
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