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Tenant Screening, Online Rent Payments - LandlordStation

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The comprehensive property management software offered by is built and priced with independent property managers in mind. Click here to learn how our various property management systems and tools can help you run your business...

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Want to sign a lease with the tenant on site, or search our vendor lists while in your car? We built our site to work for you whether you are in the office or on the go. No apps, no downloads, just a seamless experience on any sized screen with any operating system. It doesn't matter if you use an i...

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stars 1.00 / 5

Review by Eva

I tried using their services but couldn't get past first base. I didn't like the fact all communication is via email. After providing a profile of my rental property, I was not given any verification that my info and be received and "push out" for rental web sites. I had to check the individual web sites myself. After 2 weeks and several emails to LanlordStation, my property was never posted. I decided to go with a company that provided a live person to talk to and far more immediate help and support.
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stars 1.00 / 5

Review by Rlb

Ablolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced!
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