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Lendio - Making Small Business Loans Simple

Store Description from Lendio.com
Lendio makes finding small business loans simple by matching people looking for business loans with lenders who provide business and commercial loans...

Excerpt from Lendio.com
As XSI started to grow, Scott wanted to invest in other related businesses to increase brand recognition and introduce athletes to his specialty insurance products. A sports complex that offered boxing, track, football, basketball, weightlifting, volleyball, and other sports seemed like the perfect ...

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stars 1.00 / 5

Review by Claire Montegue

It's a glorified phone book for banks, nothing more. If you can't get a loan from your bank it's cuz you don't deserve one. These guys will inundate you with calls from banks that don't want to work with you either.
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Lendio.com Rating Based on 1 Review
Communicationstars1.00 / 5
Orderingstarsnot rated yet
Selectionstars1.00 / 5
Descriptionsstars1.00 / 5
Pricingstars1.00 / 5
Ship Timestarsnot rated yet
Overall: stars1.00 / 5

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