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Motosportsmax - Buy Kid Go Kart, Youth ATV Free Shipping! Offroad Go Karts Sale Shop, ATVs Quad Four-Wheelers Online Store

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Large selection of gokarts, atvs, scooters dirtbikes for kids and adults. Best online store for Motorsports Powersports...

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MoToSportsMax is a a online powersports store supplies reliable gokarts, buggies, ATVs, dirtbikes, mopeds and scooters, best price and trusted marketplace for motorsports products...

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stars 2.67 / 5

Review by Dennis

My experience with the company has been good. They really worked with me when I bought one of their 150cc Chinese buggies. The first delivery was botched when the truck wouldn't come up our driveway. The original buggy was sent back because of this. Our property is 6 acres and I couldn't assemble the buggy out by the road and drive it in. We bought another buggy later and it was delivered as advertised. It turned out to be the first delivery company that fell trough. That wasn't my, nor the companies fault and they refuned my money in full. The staff are very helpful and the company is lagitimately trying to provide a good product. The problem is, they are getting a bad product from their Chinese suppliers. The buggy worked fine for the first few times my son drove it. With less than three hours of normal riding on level terrain, the lug holes on the rims began to oval out and loosten. The steel used to make the rims is very low quality. This caused the studs to wear thin nearly causing the wheel to crack/fail at he welded halves and from the bolt holes themselves. Then the plastic stick shift linkage broke in half. The company was very impressive with replacing the parts under warranty. I can't complain there. Really any complaints I have are not with MotosportsMax at all. They revolve around the cheap materials/parts used by the their Chinese suppiers exporting these buggies to the United States. They provided me with much better quality studs and a new rim. I used lock washers this time and solved this problem. After about six hours of use, the buggy wouldn't move while in gear. I suspected the clutch to be worn out so I ordered a new one. When I took off the cover on the engine, there was oil all over the Variator, belt and clutch assemblies. This was the cause of the slippage. The engine will have to come apart now to repair the leaking shaft seal(s) The nuts holding the clutch and Variator are made of such a cheap steel, they round off easily when trying to remove them. I have never been able to adjust the shift linkage to a point where the shifter goes into forward and reverse reliably. The engine runs fine, too bad the drive train is so cheaply made and unreliable. The buggy has turned into a money pit that has been used very little. I personally would never buy another Chinese buggy from MotosportsMax or anyone else for that matter. Their product simply doesn't hold up to normal useage as intended because of the cheap materials used by their vendor Kinroad.
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