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FHA Home Loan Mortgages, FHA Refinance, and FHA Guidelines

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Government (FHA) loans and refinance loans let you buy or refinance with a low down payment, backed by HUD. We offer down payment assistance programs...

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MyFHA offers no guarantees. MyFHA does not provide any loan modification or foreclosure prevention services, nor do we connect you with any providers of those services. MyFHA does not charge upfront fees of any kind. We do not ask users to surrender or transfer title. We do not ask users to bypass t...

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stars 1.00 / 5

Review by Jim

I was wary of their approach via telephone for personal information, but I liked the ideal or hope that someone knew a way for me to get housing with terms better than public housing, and hopefully, quicker. By the time they got around to asking me for my SS numbr, I respectfully bailed out with the door open for them to email me. I never got any email from them. I guess it was too good to be true. jm
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stars 1.00 / 5

Review by McDonald

I entered all information, giving my credit card info for $1 refundable fee to get credit report/score. My credit report/score never showed up...just a blank page. I hope this is not a "SCAM" for credit card information!!!!!!
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