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Large Selection Cool iPhone Cases iPhone Chargers & iPhone Headphones

Store Description from OhCases.com
CellPhone Accessories such as iPhone Cases, Headphones, Chargers, Adapters, Car Mounts, Stereo Cables, Armbands, and many more...

Excerpt from OhCases.com
The highestquality cases, chargers, speakers, headphones, car mounts and many other accessories for your smart phones are sold here. If you are looking for protection for your iPhone Case, iPod, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and many other phones you came to the right place. Protection cases from...

Store Website:

stars 3.17 / 5

Review by Shari

I accidentally made a duplicate order on their website and was charged twice. Upon discovering the error I returned the product, unopened, to them. This occurred in May 2014 It is now almost October 2014 and I have not received my refund. I have made several phone calls, left messages, emailed, I even contacted the Better Business Bureau. They have made no effort to contact me. The product I purchased is working as advertised but due to their lack of customer service, i would not order from them again.
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OhCases.com Rating Based on 1 Review
Communicationstars1.00 / 5
Orderingstars3.00 / 5
Selectionstars3.00 / 5
Descriptionsstars3.00 / 5
Pricingstars5.00 / 5
Ship Timestars4.00 / 5
Overall: stars3.17 / 5

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