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Pet Supplies: cat and dog food, toys, treats | Pet products from

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Get up to 99 off your favorite pet treats, toys, food accessories with our great special offers You wont find bigger savings on pet toys treats online...

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stars 3.40 / 5

Review by Jim

I made an order to these guys on11/27/2012 I had not heard any thing from them buy 12/3/2012 so I e-mailed them. I have not heard any thing from them buy 12/4/2012 so I called the because THEY HAD TAKEN THE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT and I wanted to know when I would receive order the man told me they had run out of that product before I made my order ,THEY STILL HAD CHARGERD MY ACCOUNT ---it a good thing I called them to find out they were returning my money today. Becase god only know how long it would of taken if i hadnot called.
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Overall: stars3.40 / 5

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