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Store Description from UltraluxFX.com
Descrambler Store, We have the best cable descrambler and cable tv decoder on sale. Best Cable Descrambler Box Tv Store, Cable Descramblers Best Prices ANYWHERE GUARANTEED from 79.00 WOW UltraLuxFX coolmax coolbx platinum tristar mx...

Excerpt from UltraluxFX.com
The UltraLux FX universal cable descrambler box / universal cable descrambler are at rock bottom prices because we sell and buy in wholesale quantities as well as to the customer that is only looking to purchase a single cable descrambler. To those that are interested in reselling the ultralux cable...

Store Website:

stars 3.00 / 5

Review by Garry Barnes

No reply to numerous phone or emails after 1 week of order product
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UltraluxFX.com Rating Based on 1 Review
Communicationstars1.00 / 5
Orderingstars4.00 / 5
Selectionstars4.00 / 5
Descriptionsstars4.00 / 5
Pricingstars4.00 / 5
Ship Timestars1.00 / 5
Overall: stars3.00 / 5

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