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Volunteer Software Solutions | Volgistics

Store Description from Volgistics.com
Volgistics software helps manage volunteers through the entire volunteer cycle. Non-profits can customize fields and options to fit their unique needs...

Excerpt from Volgistics.com
Volgistics helps you manage your volunteers through the entire volunteer cycle. From the online application form to the calculation of awards, you’ll find Volgistics loaded with features that you can turn on and off to fit the way you work...

Store Website:

stars 5.00 / 5

Review by Carol

Our organization has been using Volgistics since March 2012. I have nothing but praise for every aspect of this software. Data is very easy to enter into the system and to retrieve. There is an entire section on HELP topics and some topics include videos. If we have any questions the Volgistics team is VERY prompt at answering them. Their method of communication is email within the Volgistics mailbox. We like this method of communicating as we can print the answers and refer back to them. We would highly recommend this software to any organization that has volunteers to track and manage.
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stars 1.67 / 5

Review by Disappointed In Volgistics

Volgistics is a disappointment. The system provides many useless ways to manipulate your volunteer information. Although relatively user-friendly for the volunteers, it is nearly impossible for the system administrators and to make matters worse, they have no call center. If you have a question, you must send them an email which starts a 9-10 long string of rather wordy emails for a problem that would have taken no more than 5 minutes to resolve over the phone.
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Volgistics.com Rating Based on 2 Reviews
Communicationstars3.00 / 5
Orderingstars3.50 / 5
Selectionstars3.00 / 5
Descriptionsstars3.00 / 5
Pricingstars2.00 / 5
Ship Timestars3.00 / 5
Overall: stars2.92 / 5

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