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Best Practices
Best Practices for Retailers
You work hard to get your customers, make sure you keep them coming back. Here are some best practices you can start using right now. This is how you can be proactive in managing your stores reputation.
Start With You
I know this might seem obvious, but start managing your reputation by taking a look in the mirror. Make sure you and your company are doing everything it can to ensure customers have the best shopping experience possible. This is the first and most important step to running a successful business. Always remember that happy customers are repeat customers, and happy customers don't write bad reviews.
Proactively Encourage Reviews
If left to their own devices, customers tend to only write reviews about negative shopping experiences. This can be easily remedied! Encourage all your customers to write reviews and you will find many positive reviews will follow. Our experts have found that simply including a "Write a Review" link in customer emails will result in positive reviews.
Install the StoreReviews Rating Seal
Trust is an important factor in building a lasting relationship with your customer. The StoreReviews Seal displays your store's reputation and helps build customer trust. This Seal also links to your store's review page making it easy for customers to write a review. It is free to use, easy to install and you can start using it today. Click here to get your Seal.
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