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We are dedicated to truth and accuracy, and it is our goal to create a constructive environment for consumers and retailers.
We use both technology and hands-on screening to ensure that all reviews are from real customers based on real experiences and transactions. Email and IP addresses are collected during the course of a review submission. Reviewers must reply to an e-mail received after submitting a review before publication to our site. We may also contact the customer for proof of the transaction in the form of a receipt.

Every review submitted will be published as long as it abides by our site policies. Reviews should maintain a level of professionalism and civility. If we feel that the review content violates our terms of use or code of ethics, we will give you the opportunity to revise it before it is rejected.

We do not permit stores to write their own reviews. Any store found to be in violation of this policy will have the activity posted permanently on their review page. Merchants cannot control which reviews appear on our site, but they can sign up with StoreReviews to resolve issues and post rebuttals.
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