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Here are some common questions. If you can't find your answer, please contact us.

Can I request to have my store's page or links to my store removed?
Store pages and outbound links do not have any type of negative affect, nor do they constitute a copyright infringement. As such, we cannot consider requests for the removal of store pages or links. more information
Can merchants control which store reviews show up in the search?
They do not! Every StoreReviews review that gets submitted will appear on our site. The only exception is if the review violates one of our site policies. Even then, we will contact you for the opportunity to correct the review so it can be published. Remember, merchants never have control over which reviews appear on StoreReviews.
I recently posted a review but it isn't showing up.
Reviews are posted to StoreReviews right when you click the "Submit Review" button. Just make sure that after posting your review you check your email for the "Publish" link we send you. Once you click this link in your email the review will be published for the world to see. We require this extra step to ensure that the reviews we receive are coming from real people.
How can I update a review that I wrote for a particular store?
The "Publish Review" email we sent you also contains a link to edit your review. You should hold on to this email as you may change your opinion about a store.
Does StoreReviews ever post its own store reviews?
We never submit reviews for stores here at StoreReviews. Every store review on our site is written by real customers. Our employees only maintain the technology and software that powers StoreReviews.
What prevents store owners from entering reviews for their own stores?
It is our primary goal to ensure that our reviews are legitimate and not a result of fraud, and we have the technology! We log your IP address, require email verification, ask for invoice numbers and sometimes require a faxed copy of a receipt. If a store owner does manage to get a review past our team and we find out, the store will have a permanent record of this fraudulent activity posted on its reviews page.
Can store owners post rebuttal comments on posted reviews?
Yes, rebuttals can be posted for any of our store reviews, but the store must be signed up with us to manage its reputation. We encourage stores to participate in this process to help provide a complete picture of the store's business policies.
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